Working with Outstanding / Good Schools

Outstanding / Good Schools

If you are already OFSTED rated outstanding or good we would dearly love you to come and work with us. We know that it may be, for some of you, daunting to join a Multi Academy Trust. There is even a tendency to create your own MAT before joining another.

At Lydiate Learning Trust we recognise all of the issues, however, we want to work around them and learn from other outstanding /good schools. We all originally went into education to help youngsters, families and communities. We, therefore, have a shared purpose and a starting point to get to know one another. In order to achieve our goal we seek best practice and share it across schools. With this common purpose, good communication and starting where the school is at we can all work effectively together and support youngsters on their route to success.

Most recently, we are adopting a new approach to allow schools to join our Trust without a full commitment. “A try before you buy approach.” This approach enables you to work with us, access CPD, avail of the back office support, employ interim leaders, work with our SLEs or plug a gap. Obviously this is time limited and agreed at the outset with the sole purpose of supporting you and your students. Should you like us, evidence progress working with us, then over time you may join the Trust and become a Lydiate Learning Trust School. Equally, we may have supported you through difficult times and you choose to remain independent.

Enquiries are very much welcomed and information can be obtained from Ann Stahler, CEO at or Wendy Jack, Executive Director at