Vision & Aims


“We engage with all within our Trust and beyond to enable them to show the world their particular strengths, their ideas and their passion”

We do this by…

  • Empowering individuals through learning
  • Fostering a “can-do” attitude that leads to continuous improvement
  • Producing confident young adults with high levels of perseverance, proficiency and integrity
  • Encouraging families and our schools to work together to support student learning
  • Providing a happy, safe, supportive environment where students can learn effectively
  • Developing the whole child with a comprehensive offer of wider curriculum
  • Engaging with our students to inspire, contribute and care
  • Developing leadership at all levels for Students, Staff, Governors and our Communities
  • Promoting an enterprise culture that creates close working partnerships with business and wider partners
  • Committing to having honest conversations about our strengths and our opportunities for growth

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