Board of Directors (Trustees)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors fulfils both the role of Directors under Company Law and Trustees under Charity Law, exercising the powers of and carrying out the duties of Lydiate Learning Trust.


Led by experienced Chair John Graham - our Directors bring a diverse range of skills and experience, critical to ensuring the operation and development of the Trust with a strong focus on school improvement.


The Board of Directors has three key functions;


  • Setting the strategic direction of the Trust - including the Vision, Values and Strategic Plans.
  • Holding the CEO to account - including in how the Trust is managed and how the agreed plans are delivered.
  • Ensuring financial probity - including how the Budget is set and monitored.


The Board of Directors are also responsible through the Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) for ensuring the quality of education and financial management provided at each academy.


In addition, there are three Board sub-committees with delegated responsibilities;
  • The Finance & Resources Sub Committee
  • The Standards & Outcomes Sub Committee
  • The Audit & Risk Committee

The Board meets bi monthly. If you need to contact the Trust Board or have any questions relating to Governance, please contact:

  • Deborah Moss, MSc, MCIPD
  • Senior Governance Professional & Company Secretary, Lydiate Learning Trust
  • Mobile: 0785 314 0551


Full details of all the governance bodies roles and those of the sub committees can be found within their Terms of Reference.

Our Board, Non-Executive Directors (Trustees) 

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