Trust educator celebrates publication of new education book 

Adele Fozard, AMP SCITT Recruitment Manager and Deyes High School Science Teacher, is celebrating after becoming a published author.

Adele said: “A few years ago, I was working in retail and did not have a clear career plan. I met Janet Lord and she inspired me to become a teacher. I secured a place on a SCITT programme and joined Deyes High School as a Science teacher in 2015. For the past two years, I have also been Recruitment Manager for our AMP SCITT and I really enjoy this role and contributing to the development of trainees.”


Last year, Adele responded to a post by Janet on Facebook asking teachers to contribute towards a new education book,Psychology of Education, she was editing based on psychological theories, ideas and methods of education and teaching and learning in the classroom.

Adele explained: “Janet took me up on my offer and I chose to write about the history of education and educational psychology. I collaborated with Janet and Charlotte McKessy on the chapter and really enjoyed researching, reflecting back on my teaching and learning experiences. It feels strange to be congratulated by friends and colleagues for being a published author, but I am proud to have contributed. This experience has inspired me to write my own teacher education book in the future.”

Adele’s success comes hot on the heels of several other recent publications.

Doctor Lally, Head of Year 13 and Chemistry teacher at Deyes High School contributed to 'Organise Ideas - Thinking by Hand, Extending the Mind' by David Goodwin and Oliver Caviglioli which was published in September 2021. Dr. Lally said: “I was one of fifty teachers to contribute a double-page spread and explained how I use graphic organisers in my lessons. I am so proud to share what I use with my Y12 Chemists every year and really grateful for the opportunity!”

AMP SCITT Trainee teacher MissWilcox wrote an article about her ‘Subitising Soup’ lesson to spark mathematical thinking outdoors which was published in Teach Primary magazine earlier this year.

A group of 43 students from Deyes High School wrote poems about their families, mental health and the people who inspire them which have been published in an official poetry anthology, ‘EMPOWERED’.

Well done to all our students, trainees and staff on these achievements.

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