Our Values

Our values guide the decisions we make every day.

RESPECT FOR OTHERS - Show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches, ideas and beliefs.

TRUST - We build trust through responsible actions and honesty.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY - Take personal accountability for behaviour, actions, words and results.

SOLUTION FOCUSED - Focus on finding solutions and achieving great things.

CAN DO ATTITUDE - Adopt a determined attitude and work hard to get the job done.

COLLABORATION - We achieve more when we work together, support each other and collaborate.

COMMITMENT TO SELF AND OTHERS - Personal commitment to success and wellbeing of others in your class or team.

RESILIENCE - We strive harder and are more determined to overcome challenges.

PRIDE - Be proud of being part of Team Lydiate, celebrating your own and others' success.

COMMUNICATION - Communicate effectively and listen to one another for understanding and compassion.