Financial Support

Our Finance Department has responsibility for all aspects of Trust and partner school finance.

We pride ourselves on delivering financial rigour and strategic direction and play an integral role in supporting the growth and development of the Trust and its schools to ensure they continue to be financial sustainable.

We provide insight into commercial decision making and continue to build upon and embed a culture focused on working collaboratively with colleagues and external stakeholders.

Financial Management

  • Strategic guidance, leadership, and management of all the Trusts finances within the scheme of delegation, advising the CEO, Directors and Heads of all financial matters relating to the Trust/schools
  • Set and regularly review the Trusts financial regulations
  • Deliver annual and medium-term budget plans, periodic forecasts, and funding requirements
  • Financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans and targets
  • Ensure that infrastructure serves are of high quality and well led, cost effective and efficient, enabling schools to focus on quality of education.
  • Monitoring all budgets and producing regular comprehensive management reports to ensure efficient and effective control of income and expenditure complying with Trust financial regulation and public procurement regulations
  • Promote and delivery of sound financial management throughout the organisation, in line with the Academies Trust Handbook, ESFA guidelines and all statutory requirements

Financial Accounting and Reporting

  • Production of annual financial statements, prepare audit files and liaise with internal and external auditors
  • The production of financial reports to tight deadlines
  • Ensure that the Trust/schools remain compliant with VAT requirements, including monitoring the Trust VAT status and ensuring the VAT returns are submitted in line with HMRC guidelines and those of the Trust
  • Monitor and update the Trusts fixed asset register, including additions disposals, transfers, and depreciation charges


Ensure that the Trust/schools have a robust cash management strategy in place and that regular monitoring and forecasting of cash balances takes place

  • Manage the bank and cash management systems, ensure that internal controls are covered
  • Ensure all purchase invoices are processed accurately and suppliers are paid in a timely manner
  • Ensure all customers are invoiced promptly and outstanding debtor balances are chased

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