Local Governance Committees

The Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) and the SCITT Governance Committee, are Sub-Committees of the LLT Board.The LLT Board delegates responsibilities to these bodies through the Scheme of Delegation.

Governors are appointed to our Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) to provide the necessary support and challenge required in any modern school.

We believe each academy should have local Governors who are passionate about their particular school and local community.

Parental representation is also very important to us, so we have retained the parental seats on all of our Academy Governance Committees. We also seek parental advice and views through workshop style groups set up to address matters, as and when appropriate.

Most of our academies also operate a School Council which helps to feed the voice of the students right to the centre.

All of our Directors and Governors abide by an agreed Code of Conduct.

More information on Governance in our Academies and SCITT can be found via the links below;

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