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The Lydiate Learning Trust is a network of schools and academies across communities in North West England. The Trust is founded on the core belief that every child should be afforded the very best opportunities in life. We engage with all within our Trust and beyond to enable students to show the

Becoming an Academy

Lydiate Learning Trust is a growing and very successful family of schools and Academies. We are always interested to hear from schools who are looking to join us.

Mythbusting Multi Academy Trusts

Academy Trusts are education charities that run schools to give children a better future. Many academies now work together in a group of schools as one Multi-Academy Trust to improve and maintain high educational standards across the group by creating a collaborative framework. There are various

Primary School Support

The Lydiate Learning Trust network has considerable experience working with primary schools across the region through our well-established partnerships. Our Associated Merseyside Partnership School Centred Initial Teacher Training (AMP SCITT) team works with 22 primary schools across Merseyside and

Sponsored Schools

The Trust believes the role of the sponsor is one of improving attainment in the sponsored school and we will provide support to leadership at all levels.

Working with Good and Outstanding Schools

If you are already OFSTED rated outstanding or good we would dearly love you to come and work with us. We know that it may be daunting to join a Multi Academy Trust but we recognise all of the issues and we want to work around them.

School Improvement and Support

Our school improvement and support strategy is based on strong collaboration so that the skills, talents and abilities that exist across Lydiate Learning Trust can be of benefit to all. While each one of our schools is unique, we understand that the mutual challenge, support and partnership

Human Resources Support

Our people play a key role in ensuring the future success of our children and our Trust. Our central HR team works across our Trust to create an environment that supports our people and vision and enables them to continue to grow and develop. Our experienced HR team provide a professional,

Financial Support

Our Finance Department has responsibility for all aspects of Trust and partner school finance. We pride ourselves on delivering financial rigour and strategic direction and play an integral role in supporting the growth and development of the Trust and its schools to ensure they continue to be

Operational Support

Lydiate Learning Trust offers operational support across five key areas: Facilities management Asset Management including the use of the CAPEX programme, Asset management plan and Asset Register Conditional Improvement Funding bidding or other Funding opportunities Health and Safety

Our Partners

Lydiate Learning Trust offers a broad menu of services and some schools join us temporarily on a “try before you buy” basis.

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