Professional Learning & Development

Access to career-long professional development is the mainstay of so many professions and, at Lydiate Learning Trust, as educators, such career-long professional development is rooted in our commitment to making a difference to the young people in our schools.

Teaching & Learning: Trust Innovation

At Lydiate Learning Trust, educational innovation concerns all stakeholders: the learners, teachers, support staff, parents/carers, educational administrators, researchers, and policy makers and requires active involvement and support.

Train to Teach

Associated Merseyside Partnership SCITT Lydiate Learning Trust runs Associated Merseyside Partnership School Centred Initial Teacher Training (AMP SCITT), a large and successful accredited Teacher Training provider. AMP SCITT is a partnership of primary and secondary schools across Liverpool,

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses are for applicants who are entering into Initial Teacher Training but are looking to develop the necessary subject knowledge for their chosen specialism.

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