Becoming an Academy

Lydiate Learning Trust is a growing and very successful family of schools and Academies. We would like to hear from schools who are interested in joining us.

This includes Primary and Secondary schools. As the national system of schools continues to move towards an ever increasing number of Academies, we invite schools to talk to us to find out more and join us.

Start the next phase of your school development as a Lydiate Learning Trust school.

What it means to be a Multi-Academy Trust

  • Our Academies and schools can collaborate and share ideas with one another in ways that other single schools may not be able to do. See below for examples of how this can happen
  • Should one of our Heads of Department wish to seek advice on part of the GCSE syllabus in their subject they have the option to call on the other subject leaders in our other schools within minutes.
  • For the teacher that joins a MAT there are significant benefits too. Should one of our talented Maths teachers aspire to become a Head of department they can stay within the Trust and move to one of our other schools making the transfer so much easier. The opportunities for progression are excellent. This also allows the MAT to retain quality teachers and leaders.
  • Our academies and schools can also rely on support when it is needed from our team of experts on both educational and operational matters. An example of this is when the Executive Director for School Improvement works alongside the Deputies when developing curriculum models, timetabling etc or our accountant meets monthly to look at budgets with the Headteachers. The allocation of resources is targeted wisely but, on occasion, if the going gets tough in a subject the Lead Practitioners can be rediverted to cover.
  • We also have access to lots of external opportunities linked to funding and to general school improvement and our brokerage team are willing to help all Headteachers seeking a solution to a problem that goes beyond Trust capacity.
  • The Headteachers also benefit from our team of HR experts, ICT support, policy writers and the collaborative Headteacher meetings led by the experienced Executive Headteacher.


Ofsted Quotes

Below are a selection of quotes from OFSTED about Lydiate Learning Trust.
“The Trust has kept sound oversight of the school finances and helped to assure the school future”

“The Trust has been pivotal to the school’s journey of improvement”
“The Trust has supported the school to strengthen subject leadership, especially in Maths and Science”

“The main school in the Trust has provided effective support to develop the school’s curriculum and to verify teachers and leaders judgements about pupil assessment”

Lydiate Learning Trust Self-evaluation Plan

CLICK HERE to access a full, comprehensive self evaluation plan for the Lydiate Learning Trust.


If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to email Ann Stahler, CEO/Executive Headteacher via

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