Developing a Science Curriculum

Lydiate Learning Trust responds quickly to school improvement priorities and works closely with a school or subject team to ensure that they have access to the correct expertise either internally or externally by making use of accredited specialist leaders in education.

For example, the newly appointed science leader at one of our secondary schools was keen to develop and implement a new curriculum starting with year 7 and rolling up through the year groups.


Lydiate Learning Trust ensured that the subject leader quickly had access to the appropriate expertise to support them by linking with a specialist Science SLE who worked with the school to quality assure their plans and ensure that the new curriculum is fit for purpose. In addition, Lydiate Learning Trust worked collaboratively with another large Trust to broker two days a week support focused on developing the skills of the newly appointed early career teachers.

The aims of the curriculum include developing depth of knowledge, practical skills, numeracy and using science to help understand the world around us. The curriculum uses spiral knowledge development and highlights links to other subjects and ‘how science works’. The curriculum is heavily researched including Ark Mastery, EEF, ResearchEd and other outstanding providers.

Recent monitoring visits confirmed that the new science curriculum is fit for purpose and well sequenced. Measurable impacts can be seen including consistent planning and delivery across the team, improved progress measures and positive student voice.

Ms. Vincent, Headteacher, Childwall Sports and Science Academy, said: "The new science curriculum is engendering a passion and excitement that can be felt in the classroom. It is great to see students really engaged with their learning."

Students said:

‘I am more confident and enjoy science’

‘I am much more aware of science based careers’

‘I find the wonders of the universe fascinating’

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